Barbra Streisand Divorcing James Brolin? Actor Wants Out


Barbra Streisand

BARBRA Streisand‘s marriage is on the rocks!

Sources say the singer’s husband of 15 years, James Brolin, has told Streisand he wants out of the relationship, reports the National Enquirer.
Brolin, 73, is sick and tired of his diva wife’s controlling ways, bossing him around and treating him as “a second-rate citizen,” and he’s signing on for tons of showbiz work to put some separation between them.
“They have been spending less and less time together lately, and he’s telling pals that he’s completely fed up,” said a close source.
“Barbra promised James two years ago she was going to slow down and pay more attention to him, but it hasn’t happened, and he’s tired of waiting for her to change.
“James finally lost it totally and, in a fit of rage, he told her, ‘I want out!’ – and it sent Barbra into a fury.
“James often complains that when she’s not ordering him around, Barbra treats him like he doesn’t exist.
“Over the years, he’s thrown camping gear in his car and taken off alone because Barbra got on his nerves too much.
“But Barbra sees things dif­ferently. She believes absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
James also believes Barbra is meddling too of­ten in the life of her only child, 46-year-old son Jason, who is HIV-positive, sources say.
“If Barbra’s not working on her mu­sic, a movie project or some sort of po­litical cause for the Democratic Party, then she’s digging into Jason’s life, and James is tired of it.
“Everything came to a head a few weeks ago when they had a horrible argument about Jason.
“For the last six months, Barbra has been focused on trying to get Jason to move from New York to Los Ange­les. She’s worried that he’s not taking care of himself and his health is declining.
“Barbra is determined to make sure that Jason has the best medical care possible so the virus doesn’t develop into full-blown AIDS.
“But James feels Barbra should let her son live his own life.
“He told Barbra that Jason doesn’t want to live in California because he doesn’t want his ‘mommy’ showing up at his place at all hours of the day.
“Barbra snapped back that she can show up at Jason’s whenever she wants because he has a disease that could kill him. Besides that, Barbra said she’s supporting Jason fi­nancially so that gives her the right to be involved in his life as much as she wants.
“The basic prob­lem is that Barbra is a control freak while James is pretty laid back.
“She also believes their regular fights add spice to the marriage and help keep it intact.
“James often goes along with what Barbra wants just to keep the peace, but his patience has run out. He’s telling pals that he’s sick of her screaming and yelling at him.
“Sometimes he feels like that’s the only attention she gives him. He’s tired of it and throws his arms up in despair. That’s why he’s decided to start accepting more acting roles to get away from her.
“It’s a shame.
“James feels Barbra is taking him for granted because he’s always gone along with what­ever she wanted. But this time it’s different. She may wake up one day to find that he’s gone for good.

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