Sofia Vergara: Most sought-after, but by who?


Sofia Vergara began her illustrious career after she was discovered by a photographer who offered her a part in a Pepsi ad in her native Colombia. From then on, and for many years after, she became the sexy bombshell in several commercials. That is, until she broke into Spanish-language soaps and TV shows, her heart-stopping calendars and scandalous romances.

No one would deny that today, Sofia is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after Latinas, and her role in ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ has led to places that not even she imagined in her best dreams. With fame, ironically, the beautiful Colombian returns to where it all began — in commercials — as companies vie for the charismatic Colombian to represent their brands.

Comcast, State Farm and Pepsi, just to name a few, have been willing to pay top dollar just to have her on their side without any exclusivity clauses to make them her own clients.

Far from having her head in the clouds for being the most sought, and even though she now travels in a private jet, Sofia says she’s just having a great time doing what she does. “For me it’s a game. What’s important in life is to have fun. That’s me in the State Farm commercial; I’m not acting. I help out my family, and if today I can give them what I couldn’t before, I want them to appreciate the effort and, of course, I don’t like to just throw money out there (laughing),” she says, with all the charm that’s become her hallmark and her well-known brutal honesty.


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